drink menu

Happy Hour

7pm-9pm everyday

$12 cocktails and $7 mixed drinks

(except during certain special events & private bookings)
*$1 extra for Jameson or Spiced Rum

black eye

A beer and a shot.

Includes premium beers.
Extra charge for premium shots.


shots 8/9
tall cans 9/10
mixed drinks 9/10


connor's signature cocktails


Irish Hookup

Apple-y and ginger-y
with Jameson & Goldschlager

Puttin’ On the Spritz

Fizzy and lemony
with Campari & Champagne

Sex on Hanlans

Fruity, just like you
with Gin & Peach Schnapps

Hot N’ Heavy

think spicy margarita vibes
with Mezcal & Triple Sec

“Fuck Me Up Slut”

Grapefruit-y and cherry-ish
with Rum & Cherry Liqueur

One Way to Cancun

(Coron-ita) Lime-y with a beer taste
with Tequila & Corona

Blue Ballin’

Minty fresh and blue
with Vodka & Blue Curacao

adulting cocktails


Spicy Grapefruit Margarita

Tequila, Grand Marnier with lme, grapefruit, and fresh jalapeño for a kick.

Mad Love

Tequila and Gin with hints of ginger, orange and lime.

Pear-adise Lemonade

Gin, lime and rosemary with a hint of pear and ginger.


Son of a Peach

A frothy mix of bourbon, peaches and rosemary with a hint of lime.

Cherry Bomb

A frothy cocktail made with vodka, cherries and a hint of pineapple.

Sage of Aquarius

Tequila with the herbal flavours of sage & basil alongside Passionfruit and lime.

premium cocktails


Naked & Famous

Mezcal, Chartreuse, Aperol and a zest of lime.

Diamond Thief

Rum, vermouth and Luxardo with a splash of pineapple and citrus flavours.

The Last Laugh (3oz)

Absinthe, Chartreuse, Luxardo with a tangy lemon taste.

Hennything’s Possible

Henny and Chambord with hints of peach, lemon and chai.


We only do cans. We do not serve draught beer.

$9 Beers (Tall Cans)

Budweiser, Bud Light

$10 Beers (Tall Cans)

Steamwhistle, Heineken, Corona, Goose Island IPA, Boneshaker IPA (7.1%)

$5.50 Non-Alcoholic (0%) Beer (Short Can)

Heineken Zero

ciders & coolers

All coolers are Tall Cans.

$9 Coolers

Smirnoff Ice Berry Blast, Twisted Tea, White Claw (Lime, Mango or Black Cherry).

$9 Cider

Strongbow Cider

$10 Cider

Liberty Village Cider


Due to availability, we may sometimes have an alternative wine selection.

WHITE WINE // Barefoot Pinot Grigio (California)

RED WINE // CK Mondavi & Family Cabernet Sauvignon

6oz: $10
9oz: $14
Bottle: $42

feeling hungry?

We now serve ice cream, chips, candy, chocolate bars & more. Ask your bartender what they’ve got for munchies!

Need more than that? Feel free to order delivery from Uber Eats, Doordash, etc. Or, support one of our neighbouring restaurants with takeout to enjoy at Boombox.

Our address for delivery is
647 College St.